Obsolencence note: this package is for use with Gtk1, which is quite old now; Gtk2 is current and PyGtk2 now provides the gdk-input bindings that PyGtk1 was missing.


A Python dynamic object module to access the gdk_input_* functions of Gtk+ from Python.


This group of functions is not present in the Gtk+/Python "PyGtk" binding, and one needs it to do asynchronous I/O in a Gtk+ based GUI.


Latest C sources are in this tar-gzip archive: python-gdkinput-1.0.tar.gz


  • Gtk+ (1.2.x),
  • PyGtk (>= 0.6.6),
  • Python (>= 1.5.2),
  • Swig (>= 1.1p5).

The future

  • A priori, it's finished. Maybe add gdk_input_add_full if I have requests for it.
  • Bug corrections (I probably have made mistakes when using the reference counting system of Python); Monitor memory leaks.