Hardware monitor screen shot


X Hardware Monitor monitors hardware indicators (sensors) of a running system for temperature, voltage, fan speed etc. with a graphical panel. The default configuration allows to monitor up to 3 temperatures, 3 fan speeds and 6 voltages. This tool is more particularly adequate for bi-processor systems, but will also work for mono-processor after disabling the 2nd CPU sensors in the "theme".


I needed a tool to monitor all the numerous indicators of my Abit BP6 (a bi-Celeron board) in an eye catch. I also used it when I replaced this board with a MSI K7D Master (a bi-Athlon).


Latest C sources are in this tar-gzip archive: hardmon-1.0.tar.gz.


  • lmsensors (at run time, not build time),
  • Xlib,
  • XPM.

The future

  • more config files for different motherboards
  • implement CPUs and system load indicators, with history graphs