You will find here a lot of the free software I have been developing since years. I am using Linux both for personal and professional usage since a very long time, and wanted to contribute a little bit to free software.

There are a lot of things I started and never finished, and from them I will only show here those I estimate to be advanced enough.

Except explicitly noted, you can consider the following software enough stable for everyday usage. I try as much as possible to release working, bug-free packages.

I roughly classified the software into 2 classes, so people can quickly see which section they would be interested in.

End-user software

By "end-user" I actually mean desktop-oriented, or dedicated to tasks related to the desktop.

a dock app for WindowMaker to launch applications froman icon bar that pops up beside it when the mouse gets over it, like if it was a menu of icons.
panelizer (old)
(yet another) desktop panel program that aims to be memory efficient by holding all applets within a single process.
a X11 window that displays graphically measures obtained from the hardware monitoring package lm_sensors.
balayer (experimental)
a Gtk+-based ultra-light web browser written in Python. Features: multi-document (as in Opera), multi-format bookmarks, no Java nor JavaScript.

Developer-oriented software

This is software that could be mostly useful to develop other software.

gladepyc (old)
a compiler that translates a XML description of a GUI made by Glade to object-oriented Python code that uses the raw PyGtk interface.
python-gdkpixbuf (obsolete)
a Python extension module to access the gdk-pixbuf library from Python.
python-gdkinput (obsolete)
a Python extension module to provide access to additional input management functions of Gtk+ that are not provided (or not adequately) by PyGtk.
python-cschtml? (obsolete)
a Python extension module to provide access to cschtml (a Gtk+ -based HTML rendering widget).
python-gtkhtml? (obsolete)
a Python extension module to provide access to gtkhtml (another Gtk+ -based HTML rendering widget).
tw? (old)
a text windowing library that I made because being frustrated by curses. It's not a a text-mode widget toolkit; For that, you will have to look at newt.
visual-tcl? (old)
it is a visual GUI builder for the TCL/TK language/toolkit. I was once working on it, and abandonned for reasons I explain in its specific page.