My personal stuff

You will find here mostly computer-related things, which consume most of my free time.

More precisely I publish

  • Software I wrote and give back to the "community",
  • ReVolt? related information
  • how I setup my Desktop? under Linux, especially using the ROX-Filer file manager

That's all folks :)


This site

For those technically interested, read how I built this site.


My name is Fabien COUTANT, I'm an IT architect engineer and project leader working in a software services company in France. I'm a big fan of computer programming (especially Python), Re-Volt (a somewhat old 3D racing game) and Linux (an operating system). I spend much time in front of the computer, watching movies on TV or at the cinema, or listening music. When weather is nice, I also go cycling or walking in the forest nearby my home, or get my telescope out at night to watch the sky.