Obsolencence note: this package is for use with Gtk1, which is quite old now; Gtk2 is current and already embeds gdkpixbuf; And the same holds for PyGtk2 (it provides a gdk-pixbuf binding).


A Python dynamic object module to access functions from the gdk-pixbuf image loading library.

There's currently enough functions wrapped, that it's usable for production. Not all functions are wrapped tough -- yet: the progressive image loading functions are not done.


I needed it for a professional project. I searched for it on Internet but didn't find it, so since I'm quite easy with swig now, I decided to write it !


Latest C sources are in this tar-gzip archive: python-gdkpixbuf-0.5.tar.gz.


  • Gdk-pixbuf (>= 0.8.0),
  • Gtk+ (1.2.x),
  • PyGtk (>= 0.6.3),
  • Python (>= 1.5.1),
  • Swig (>= 1.1p5).

The future

  • Use Python PyCObject wrapping mechanism so that one doesn't need to free GdkPixbuf structures explicitly.
  • Wrap progressive loading functions