wmmenu screen shot


Provide a popup menu of icons for WindowMaker like in AfterStep, as a dockable application. It is not as powerful as there is only one menu level, but I think it is sufficient, since you can make multiple separate menus.

The program can be run more than once at the same time, which allows as much different menus, each one described in a separate file. The description simply consists in a suite of lines containing the pixmap name and the shell command to run, with the first line giving the dock image and the menu's title (will be used later). The menu automatically pops up to the right or left depending on the on-screen position.


More functional to organize program launchers when you have lots, rather than pile them around the screen like we can see on some screenshots... (I conceive it's less appealing).


plenty of bugfixes.
ability to specify a command to be run to get tile pixmap's filename; Provide a sample script to get the pixmap used by WMaker. Fix a bug where default tile was not always used when appropriate.
item highlight can be drawn behind menu icons. Downscaling does no more apply to the dockapp icon.
auto-downscaling of pixmaps larger than tile, item focus highlighter, and a man page.
startup and reload made faster by changing color allocation routine. (patch from Lukasz Pankowski)
icons can be arranged in multiple rows with the "-rROWS" option. (patch from Lukasz Pankowski)
the button bar can be activated only on mouse clicks with the "-Oclick" option. (patch from Matthew Gabeler-Lee.)
the button bar is hidden when the cursor leaves the dockapp's tile. Should be more natural. Guido Falsi suggested the idea (and an implementation that I did'nt kept).
automatic reloading of the menu file when it changes; Default icon and tile pixmaps are used when the one specified cannot be found and loaded.
optionally load images through the gdk-pixbuf-xlib library, which allows many more image formats (including PNG, at last !).


Latest C sources are in this tar-gzip archive: wmmenu-1.2.tar.gz.


  • libdockapp (found in WindowMaker as "docklib" until 0.61.1 -- use this one in priority; Here are the sources for version 0.4, in case you can't find it).
  • Xlib, XPM.

To be able to load image formats other than XPM, you will also need gdk-pixbuf (0.9.0 or later needed).

The future

Those next three will not get implemented unless anyone specifically asks for them (I consider them useless):

  • animated menu popup
  • vertical menu
  • menu editor